Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Thoughts about e cigs

To those who care I am NOT pushing ecigs onto anyone but smokers like me who need to quit.  It works for me it has been almost a full month without for me and my kids have already noticed a difference in me.  I no longer cough a lot.  I no longer need to use my inhaler at all. The yellow stains on my fingers are gone! I can smell! I could NOT use the patches, etc. but I can use these!  I have met on line hundreds more like me that have quit with these. When something works really works with easily identifiable ingredients easily tested why is there so much controversy? Don't they want us to finally be able to quit for good? I wonder especially when I read what is going on with all those who should be happy we are finally able to move away from smoking for good. Honestly I still havent heard any good reasons to ban these what they need to do is support them for people like me instead of the "big pharmacy" items that do not work!

So many of us wonder why the FDA, the strong anti smoking groups, the American lung association so many more why are you so down on these? Instead of really checking into them see if they do work as so many of us former smokers say they do they out right reject them and insist we use all their standard treatments and programs that flat out do not work for most of us!

It makes NO sense.  So we come up with the simple answers that do make sense--it all comes down to money, power and control.  All of you make money off our addictions and hey! smokers are now so beaten up it is fairly easy to add on more taxes to "help us" or to supposedly teach kids not to smoke or so on. 

These groups seem to need to have us smoking for their bottom line.  Can any of you deny that?

I am not an activist I am just an older woman who would like to have a few extra years so maybe someday I will be able to play with my future grandchildren.  I don't care about politics.  I cry over the news especially when some tragedy happens to children. I am convinced smoking is terrible I lost my husband to lung cancer!  I have cleaned walls covered in yellow yuk.  I have seen the same stains on my own fingers.  I switched long ago to outside smoking. I have asthma.  I was coughing a lot!  I was waking up chocking many times a night!  I had to sleep with a air cleaner next to me just to breathe while laying down! I knew it was killing me!!

But now already it is better! So much better.  I can smell the nasty smell when my nephew comes in after having a smoke and I am shocked I used to smell that bad! I have not used my asthma inhaler for 3 weeks! So many changes for me in such a short time.

So I ask again how can you deny this lifesaving gift and want to ban, ridicule deny it helps? Why can't you simply ask us the people it helps and embrace the new technology instead of staying stuck in the dark ages of forcing us to still smoke because we cannot quit your way!

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