Sunday, May 25, 2014

17 Months...

Ok I re read this blog today and most important YES I am still an ex smoker!!  I do vape I need the hand to mouth the inhale the community, its a mix of things...but I mostly don't use nicotine now well in truth I didn't use it for months til I noticed a lot of forgetting problems coming on so I do occasionally use an extremely low ejuice with just 3 or 6 mg with nicotine and it has helped. But mostly its no nicotine ejuices for me it is not about nicotine addiction anymore been there done that so yes I know the difference now.

The ecig controversy is going on harder than ever and now the FDA has landed with heavy guns firing because of fools who simply don't like the fact that pharmacy companies did not develop and market ecigs then we'd all be angels.  But exsmokers taking this into our own hands to find something that works really works something that also now involves a hobby type with new mods, atomizers, tanks, drip tips, holders fun snobby stuff  along with practical items like loads of ejuice flavors which tease our new found sense of taste and gives up great pleasure is simply evil to them. The ANTZ are all up in arms.  By vaping instead of smoking we are destroying their smug way of life where they can make loads of money off our addictions with useless and often dangerous pharmaceutical items, with all their so called quit smoking help groups, and worse we are also cutting deeply into their tax base!! In addiction to all of this we are out of control!  We are no longer being submissive and shamed.  We don't want to be shunned and left out of all the things we pay for with our tax dollars anymore. We know we are not hurting anyone with our vaping so now they are trying to pretend there is 2nd hand vape or we are trying to get kids addicted!!!! We are supposed to be shamed cowed and easily bullied by them.

The stupidest one is there insistence that adults dont like flavors so therefor we are marketing to kids.  So with that one uh excuse me have you looked in the liquor store lately?  Or even your beloved useless nicotine gum is now in flavors.  We no longer smoke after years and wow!!  STuff tastes good!!!  Yes I do like cotton candy, chocolate cake, sweettarts type, lemoheads and many other flavors.  I also now chew a lot of red flavored gums or lemon yum! Flavors wow we never knew how great they were!! I am 58 now almost 59 and I am worse than a kid .

Still the whole thing is stupid.  Why cant the ANTZ groups especially cancer societies and lung organizations be happy and pat themselves on the back because of the huge decreases in the smoking rates?  Isn't that what they wanted?  A world without burning, combustible tobacco?  Its now in reach.