Saturday, February 23, 2013

6 Weeks Strong

Wow! I believe I can now be called an ex smoker!! I haven't felt the need to post for a while I have been so interested in all the controversy surrounding e cigs! I think I can state with confidence that as long as e cigs are available I will stay an ex smoker  no need for smelly smokes with this wonderful invention!! It is great even works when you are at a friend's house drinking!! Just vape no need for a smoke!!

I was rereading my earlier blogs lots of pain in them but I have pushed thru and wow! I am an ex smoker now.  True I vape it fills the need the urge the craving all the things that make so many ex smokers start anew. If the powers that be ever DO decide to ban them then we all know the truth---it is not people or lives they care about it is power control greed and money.  That would be terribly sad.  I do get tired of those weird remarks about they are unsure what is in these huh excuse me? It is obvious!  What they are unsure about even after all the years of study is what is in analog smokes.  Scary stuff!!

I am not going to worry about vaping at all it works for me.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Thoughts about e cigs

To those who care I am NOT pushing ecigs onto anyone but smokers like me who need to quit.  It works for me it has been almost a full month without for me and my kids have already noticed a difference in me.  I no longer cough a lot.  I no longer need to use my inhaler at all. The yellow stains on my fingers are gone! I can smell! I could NOT use the patches, etc. but I can use these!  I have met on line hundreds more like me that have quit with these. When something works really works with easily identifiable ingredients easily tested why is there so much controversy? Don't they want us to finally be able to quit for good? I wonder especially when I read what is going on with all those who should be happy we are finally able to move away from smoking for good. Honestly I still havent heard any good reasons to ban these what they need to do is support them for people like me instead of the "big pharmacy" items that do not work!

So many of us wonder why the FDA, the strong anti smoking groups, the American lung association so many more why are you so down on these? Instead of really checking into them see if they do work as so many of us former smokers say they do they out right reject them and insist we use all their standard treatments and programs that flat out do not work for most of us!

It makes NO sense.  So we come up with the simple answers that do make sense--it all comes down to money, power and control.  All of you make money off our addictions and hey! smokers are now so beaten up it is fairly easy to add on more taxes to "help us" or to supposedly teach kids not to smoke or so on. 

These groups seem to need to have us smoking for their bottom line.  Can any of you deny that?

I am not an activist I am just an older woman who would like to have a few extra years so maybe someday I will be able to play with my future grandchildren.  I don't care about politics.  I cry over the news especially when some tragedy happens to children. I am convinced smoking is terrible I lost my husband to lung cancer!  I have cleaned walls covered in yellow yuk.  I have seen the same stains on my own fingers.  I switched long ago to outside smoking. I have asthma.  I was coughing a lot!  I was waking up chocking many times a night!  I had to sleep with a air cleaner next to me just to breathe while laying down! I knew it was killing me!!

But now already it is better! So much better.  I can smell the nasty smell when my nephew comes in after having a smoke and I am shocked I used to smell that bad! I have not used my asthma inhaler for 3 weeks! So many changes for me in such a short time.

So I ask again how can you deny this lifesaving gift and want to ban, ridicule deny it helps? Why can't you simply ask us the people it helps and embrace the new technology instead of staying stuck in the dark ages of forcing us to still smoke because we cannot quit your way!

Monday, February 4, 2013


I was talking with my kids last night and suddenly remembered I have forgotten to use my prescription allergy nose sprays for a while and haven't needed my inhaler for several weeks now! My chest no longer gets that horrible tightness, I am no longer coughing, and I can smell all sorts of things.  Wow! 

Rick is so shocked about how easy it was for him to quit this time he has tried everything patches, pills, gum--name it if it was supposed to help he tried it but these e cigs are so much different.  We are still getting the hand to mouth action, the "smoke" to help you think clearer the nicotine so there are no major withdrawals all without all of the bad stuff in cigarettes.  My biggest problem right now is my nephew Tim who tried my toranado twist loved the "smoke" ordered one for himself but keeps using mine until his comes in!  With that who needs a "real" cigarette?

I am a total e cig convert.  I will admit my kids did get me one long ago when they first came out but it was much harder to use then I liked it but couldnt get a good draw off it and kept getting my mouth full of crud.  I have kept it and kept the idea in the back of my mind well with all the improvements the new cartridge systems etc it is a done deal for me now.I like the idea of varying amounts of nicotine I know the FDA insists there is no different in low tar/low nicotine versions of smokes and full flavor but there is!  I switched to light smokes 25 years ago and could not handle the heavier concentrations which is the reason I suspect the patches etc  made me so sick!  With these different concentrations of nicotine I can use a lower dose one which works great for me keeps me content and focused!

Truthfully the anti smoking groups spout a lot of stuff any heavy smoker knows is not true anyway like the above example of no difference between light and full flavor smokes. Why do scare tactics and half truths in their ads now instead of simple straight forward facts? Why stupid graphic stuff on a pack of smokes? Uh excuse me? Don't they know a real smoker rarely LOOKS at the damn pack? I smoked for over 40 years and while I know there are warnings all over the pack I cannot tell you what they say I kept the damn pack in a case! I barely glanced at it and then only to quickly rip the pack/carton open so I could shove it into my mouth!  Get real! And now instead of accepting even embracing new technology that will save lives they look down their noses and want to ban this too!

Simple truth everything in life involves risks. While smoking heavily I kept telling everyone that.  It is true we don't know what will happen.  We all come with built in expiration dates.Life is stressful.  We all have varying ways to cope some overeating (which I also did) some drugs some risky dangerous sports the list is endless. We need to have less risky options too.  We have to share this world so many people now feel a sense of entitlement the "do as I say as I want" with strict rules and codes rigid unyielding no compromise.Sure wish they would accept that others have rights too .  There are just way too many laws rules and regulations all designed to make us fit into a carefully controlled box. And violence is exploding way out of bounds. There is no tolerance for being different anymore. No respect for being an individual ...I often wonder if the intolerance is what makes it worse more of the monkey see monkey do mentality of violence. In schools it is no longer acceptable that people have different kinds of smart some are hand some creative some book smart to name a few. More later I am depressing myself

Sunday, February 3, 2013

E smokes

Ok they keep going on about how ecigs are unproven dangerous whatever but they refuse to listen to REAL people those of us who are long term HEAVY smokers who have QUIT smoking real cigs with these after trying all the medically approved useless crap!  E cigs WORK! Bottom line they are breaking the smoking addictions in so many of us!  They are safer than real cigs--that is common sense! I have quit cold turkey for 3 full weeks this time because of e cigs I have no desire to ever smoke a real cig again! I was ready to go back to them when my non smoking kids brought me one and asked me to try it.  It works!  Aren't the thousands like me and many of my friends proof enough that this silly little device works? If all the non smoking groups truly wanted us to quit they would support these things!  My doctor does but then he cares about me as his patient as real living human being not just some abstract silly argument like the "ban e smokes" groups do.  Simple fact these work!

So why are they the powers that be trying to ban something that really does work to help us quit this smoking addiction? Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmm


I have come to the conclusion all the controversy about  e cigs is not health reasons at all flat out we all know they are so much safer than smoking and I do not believe cause any 2nd hand smoke since there is no smoke.

The simple truth to me and others is They want Power, Control and of course money. They do not care that these crazy things help us to quit smoking or at least cut down to one or two a day(a few friends yes still do 1 or 2 but way down from 2+ packs daily).  I have had several people friends of friends etc contact me now desperate--as I was--to quit and having terrible side affects from what is "approved" treatments as I did. The simple truth is these things help.  They help a lot.With them I can quit smoking cigarettes.  Some friends are so amazed and thrilled since they can too.  Simple facts from real people. The huge organizations opposing something that IS helping us with their lame excuses is appalling. You want people to quit smoking? Then why not listen to us to the smokers trying so hard to quit!

3 Weeks!

Ok I made it this far!!  All I can really say is wow!  And I am so glad they now make e smokes!! The other nicotine replacements do not work well at all they do not satisfy they give bad headaches they (at least for me) made me ill all day.

I  have been reading pros and cons on the e smoke debate.  All the naysayers go on about it being "unproven" harmful" addictive" and even says it is encouraging smoking for minors gasp!! Ok people lets address these issues with common sense which it seems to me most of you do not bother to use anymore.

First harmful---uh excuse me? Is there anything about tobacco products that isn't harmful?  Isn't that the whole point of quitting?? They cause extreme harm.  They release thousands of toxic chemicals. They cause thousands of deaths each year.

Second--unproven umm well more and more people I personally know swear by them because they have tried so many times under medically approved ways to quit and failed! Many of us suspect the real problem is all the bigger ups havent got their huge hands in this pocket yer.  Products like patches, gums, etc are EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have lots of lozenges and patches left I will never use and they cost me a lot to buy in the first place!  My first sample of an e cig cost me less than half of either of those products and helped me decide what will work for me. I honestly believe the whole REAL true arguement against is they want to have their hands in the pockets to raise the price.

Anti smoking groups hate them because they mimic the act of smoking.  So what? Would you rather have to walk thru clouds of smoke?

And as for encouraging kids to smoke...ok easy way to solve this problem Call them a QUIT smoking device!! Gee! Make it uncool a granny/grandpa thing! Something to help us old folks!

Why do so many groups have to make a mountain out of this molehill?  With enough support for these things to break our addiction for the real thing ALL you anti smoking groups will get what you say you really want!  A world without smoking! It is new technology ah gee so was a phone, computer loads of other items at one time.