Saturday, February 23, 2013

6 Weeks Strong

Wow! I believe I can now be called an ex smoker!! I haven't felt the need to post for a while I have been so interested in all the controversy surrounding e cigs! I think I can state with confidence that as long as e cigs are available I will stay an ex smoker  no need for smelly smokes with this wonderful invention!! It is great even works when you are at a friend's house drinking!! Just vape no need for a smoke!!

I was rereading my earlier blogs lots of pain in them but I have pushed thru and wow! I am an ex smoker now.  True I vape it fills the need the urge the craving all the things that make so many ex smokers start anew. If the powers that be ever DO decide to ban them then we all know the truth---it is not people or lives they care about it is power control greed and money.  That would be terribly sad.  I do get tired of those weird remarks about they are unsure what is in these huh excuse me? It is obvious!  What they are unsure about even after all the years of study is what is in analog smokes.  Scary stuff!!

I am not going to worry about vaping at all it works for me.

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