Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I Am Big Vapor

Some dumb article came out today approved (of course!) by the likes of  the Antz which talks about "big vaping" taking over just like big tobacco did. So of course the Antz jumped on that as another way of demeaning us (their favorite hobby).

Well guess what?  They are right I am big vapor.  But then so is ANYONE who has vaped, given someone a starter kit or even bothered to thoughtfully learn the real truth about vaping.  WE the people are "Big Vapor"  This is a consumer lead product denounced by most in Government or Public Health and totally thrashed (along with the users) by Tobacco Control.  Funny all of these groups have told us over and over to quit smoking now! and when we do they are furious call us names and refuse to even acknowledge us except to denounce us more loudly and call us trolls and addicts et al over and over again while they block us and congratulate themselves for such a great job.

We quit smoking but we didn't do it the "right way" which means their way only.  See they know their way mostly fails people come back to smoking fairly quickly ensuring a constant supply of sin tax money.  Those groups are all addicted to that money.

I am Big Vapor Debora J.  I am an anecdote to public health.  I am a blocked nuisance a troll an addict to those who make their living from taxes--Tobacco Control. I am an annoyance to government because I am not being cowed by them.   I do not count to any of these groups.  My voice is not heard. I do not matter.

Yet perhaps to my family and my friends to the people who take a minute to hear me to read some of the links I post  those who see the differences in me  those I along with others try  to reach on social media twitter and facebook gplus and pinterest etc....

Maybe I do

Friday, March 20, 2015

Tired of being 2nd class citizen

I read an excellent post by Lorien Jollye on the anger we feel  as vapors/former smokers being called names such as tobacco trolls or being told we do not deserve to be heard among other things.  It really hit hard.   http://theindefatigablefrog.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/the-indefatigable-frog-or-why-this-wont.html

Thanks to the elite public health factions and their helpful unthinking innocents we are now deeply in Orwells 1984 -- the privileged elite class who enjoy making all the rules without any checks or balances. They control the news  and have purposely distorted facts about vaping making many claims that have NO backing in science or common sense.  Now these public health groups will shoot down any type of law that they should approve of such as  no sale to under 18 simply because it states a non-tobacco product. Yes it's true health groups have tried to allow sale to under 18  because the wording says the truth  vaping  does NOT have tobacco in it!! Shades of 2 + 2 =5!!!

 Why? because according to them  we are nothing more than addicts worthy of only contempt by anyone in public health. They tell us we are stupid we do not have a right to be around other people or to enjoy any activities that the right thinking people do so we are not to go to parks, beaches, zoos, we are too stupid to have a say in where our previous  heavily taxed  cigarette money should go (hint its to pay their salaries and give them a platform to further dismiss us) we are to still pay even more for healthcare with extra premiums (huh wasnt that where this tax money was supposed to go?) and even then at some hospitals will have the IV ripped from our arms while we are thrown into the streets  http://www.salina.com/news/tobacco-policy-at-SRHC-91114  all of this because we are disgusting filthy non rightspeak thinkers who do not deserve a voice.

I am ashamed.  I am 59 and I watched this happen in my lifetime yet never spoke up.  I by my silence allowed a huge group of people--including myself! to become sub-human.  When I was young people smoked everywhere--doctors offices, grocery stores.  I can remember how angry my Mother was when her doctor advised her to smoke so she would lose weight. She hated smoking so maybe that is why I stood by I didn't let her know I was a smoker until I was 19. By then more people where starting to take  health warnings more seriously even though we could still smoke in hospitals there were those who'd gripe about the cost or call them cancer sticks.  I remember a friend's Mom who was talking about the new taxes and worried that someday cigarettes would cost a dollar a pack.

A few years later the bans started.  It used to be at the mall we'd walk around with a cigarette yes we put them out before we went into the stores but walking around was fine.  We were allowed to go into food areas and smoke also.  We were still people then.  Suddenly an ordinance was passed and all smokers had to congregate in a few select areas of the mall and OMG!  Those were bad!!  Even my non-smoking friends and relatives where appalled everyone agreed it was so much better when smoking was not confined to one place--back then you MIGHT catch an occasional smell but that was it but with the new way confining smokers to one place it was overwhelming...even to smokers.  WE started going outside instead because that was gross!!  Too many people confined to a very small space THAT is what caused the problem!  It was ok in some places that had rooms set aside for smokers because it was ventilated too.

I was mostly too busy with life to pay much attention to all of this.  My only concern was the price of my vice so I switched to generics.  But then more bans my brother (never smoker) told me about new bans going in bars now that he thought were way stupid.  The bingo halls started smoking and non rooms later on the state tried to ban smoking in the halls but attendance went down so much that the organizations managed to get the rooms with the special filters re-opened.  Suddenly faster and faster bans were all over.  I wasn't allowed to go to the parks the zoo damn near anywhere.  I had to get away from doors even during a heavy rainstorm.  I was looked at with contempt encouraged by tobacco control.  A doctor actually yelled at my husband for being a smoker when he had health problems--the world had decided it had the right to tell us how to live now.  People who used to be polite now felt it was their right to order smokers around tell us we are trash now potheads and alcoholics have respect but smokers are trash.  Funny when I was young it was very different smoking a cigarette didn't make you mean or stupid or impaired it actually simply either gave you a moment to think or calm down or sharpened your mind  so you think clearly but now its the bad guy.  To be quite honest I would say alcohol has killed more people I lost a close friend at the age of 16 to a drunk driver.  No matter what bs they lie about 2nd hand smoking only hurts the person.  I have known too many people from smoking families who are kicking and old.  Truth is  tobacco control has an agenda to get rich so they lie.

Anyway my kids wanted me to become a non smoker and my friend's kids wanted the same for him too so we  tried the vaping way.  To our shock and surprise it works.  Freaking weird!! But according to public health we are STILL trash.  They seem to be mostly angry because they are loosing money and damnit!  It is their money!!  We are supposed to smoke pay taxes and take whatever they want to throw at us.  We have no rights according to them we are not people.  Shit they won't even allow our success stories on their quitting sites--http://smokefree.gov/journey ---- clear disclaimer  from their site:
The information presented in these stories is based on the experience of individual smokers and does not represent NCI’s position or policy.
(*) Posts which advocate the use of non-FDA approved nicotine products may be removed.

And they HAVE removed loads of them!! 

Public Heath? Or elite dictators? Privileged class who earn their living very comfortably getting rich through demeaning and punitive actions  aimed directly at us. They lie.  They said they simply wanted the end to smoking yet instead are determined to make us smoke again by denying us use of a product that even with their cherry-picked science they can't deny is much better for our health.  To me it looks like panic and temper tantrums from them over money and power never health. To me all their garbage over vaping simply shows the truth they are all nothing but liars.  Oh and I am not the only one who now believes this!!  Everyone who watches your train wreck is disgusted.  We no longer trust you that is why your warnings on vaccines on flu shots on damn near anything are now met with a raised eyebrow. Public health officials now need to prove themselves willing to work for real public health and not just money power and prestige

To those who don't believe me look around. Follow the money.

Senator prove it!

I am NO longer a smoker.  That alone should be applauded by all of you in government who  told me for years what a horrible person I am because I smoked.  I was taxed by you at insane rates supposedly to help pay for extra healthcare costs but in reality have gone to fund those in tobacco control who were my tormentors the ones who denied me access to parks, zoos, the ones who shut me out of life by telling all over and over I was a smelly disgusting horrid person and invited all to come and freely torment me even  taught children it is ok to harass & bully people who smoke or choose to be different.

My sin  taxes -the ones that were supposed to go on my healthcare costs are used for so many things to prop up government spending is another example.  You sold your tobacco bonds expecting there to always be smokers plenty of us--and now there is trouble.  We quit.

But hey you have an ace!!  We did not quit the 'right way'  which as you know fails most of the time.  People are always quitting smoking but no worries they always come back---except this time.  Suddenly we really are quitting.  Thousands and thousands of us ARE quitting and the dual use ones the ones not quite ready ready to quit completely are slowing down so they also do not need to buy as many cigarettes.  I am sure panic ensued by the huge loss of revenues in "your" money--until someone remembered well yes these e-cigarettes are NOT regulated!!

Now every day the public hears new horror stories about vaping.  So many studies which are carefully manipulated to give bad results and hastily released to the public as media headlines the later retractions are a small easily missed squib several days later.  The studies showing how much safer vaping is, the ones showing no danger to bystanders the ones showing room air is about the same as just breathing --those are suppressed.  Real studies by respected scientists--not just "sponsored" by ones with an agenda are ignored.  The media is bought and paid for so they will only publish news that fits with  tobacco control's views since those are the ones that support increased  taxes and/or outright banning the most amazing invention of our time which can replace burning combustible cigarettes  for good.

So now you are all following the same mode and trying to do the same things you did to us as smokers--humiliate us, tell us we are no good addicts,  push us around and take our money saying its for our own good.  As before you are encourage others to berate us tell us we are no good vapors, addicts, nasty things now some are saying we should be all shot to death in front of our families it was  later passed off as a bad joke but it keeps coming back. Tobacco Control and you encourage that hostile  behavior.  You encourage it not telling facts about vaping-- honest verifiable facts instead you use conjecture, play on fears and plain lie.

It is true we vapors are not following the script you laid out for us before when we were smokers.  We refuse to be bullied anymore to be told to just die. We reject your taxes and controls on a product that causes no harm to anyone.  We are the ones who are using these we know the truth because we live it daily.  We are the ones who developed breathing problems from smoking cigarettes which are now so much better! We are also the ones who keep improving this product to make it eventually work for all smokers.  We have lived it we do know any burning combustible material IS the real problem as would anyone who has been near a fire.  We know nicotine is similar to caffeine both can be dangerous when used improperly yet can also be safe for adults even beneficial for many ailments such as Parkinson's or Dementia.  Dose makes the poison in all things even water.  We know vaping is improving our lung function--many of us (including me) no longer need to use inhalers.  We know nicotine is not really very addictive--I a former 42 year 2+ pack daily  smoker rarely use nicotine 2 years out.  We know vaping IS a life saver--real research the ones not using an agenda like forcing a product beyond its capabilities to do harm--is showing vaping is fairly safe.  This is not a gateway too smoking--another last ditch smear--it is a gateway OUT.  The flavors help tremendously also  to move people away and excuse me appealing to children?  Lots of things appeal to children--inducing fruity cleaning products--it is the adults responsibility to keep it away from them.  Also keeping their parents around having them vape instead is good for the kids. All of these very weak arguments prove how much better vaping IS  since none are truths just conjecture --to me it sounds like a 4 year old making up tales to cover misdeeds.  The real facts are what is needed.

We are not anti research but we are against self-serving lies as the ones told by tobacco control and certain public health officials who see their funding dry up because of vaping.  We are against self-serving lies told in government to protect their sin tax money.  We are against ALL who would rather have us smoke burning combustible cigarettes simply to protect their ideals and financing. We are people not anecdotes--- " regarded as unreliable or hearsay"--as some health groups enjoy calling us.  We are real living breathing people.We are growing in numbers.  We also have friends and family who see the difference in us!  Are they saying anecdotal stories about us when they talk about us to others telling them it worked for us? I know many who have quit or at least cut down smoking because of vaping.

One thing you senators, public health, tobacco control, governmental officials seem to forget--we may be smokers and former smokers who are now vapors--the ones you all feel entitled to disregard, humiliate and show utter complete contempt to because "you don't like vapors/smokers"   That is prejudice extreme unrelenting hostile nasty prejudice.  WE are people.  We have huge numbers of friends and family on our sides who are thrilled we are  vaping---  they love & care about us. They know you are in the wrong to deny citizens this life saving gift. The younger generation--ages 20- 35 are the ones who encouraged me to vape  they did their homework and hoped it would work for me. It did.

Prove harm first.  No more lies.  I want to see if any one in government is worth it anymore or are you all only able to follow the golden goose and lie instead of looking for hard facts oh and they are very easy to find you can start here:     harm reduction   or here:    casaa

Also perhaps it is time to take a good hard thoughtful look at tobacco control suppression of facts isn't good for the public and costs lives