Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I Am Big Vapor

Some dumb article came out today approved (of course!) by the likes of  the Antz which talks about "big vaping" taking over just like big tobacco did. So of course the Antz jumped on that as another way of demeaning us (their favorite hobby).

Well guess what?  They are right I am big vapor.  But then so is ANYONE who has vaped, given someone a starter kit or even bothered to thoughtfully learn the real truth about vaping.  WE the people are "Big Vapor"  This is a consumer lead product denounced by most in Government or Public Health and totally thrashed (along with the users) by Tobacco Control.  Funny all of these groups have told us over and over to quit smoking now! and when we do they are furious call us names and refuse to even acknowledge us except to denounce us more loudly and call us trolls and addicts et al over and over again while they block us and congratulate themselves for such a great job.

We quit smoking but we didn't do it the "right way" which means their way only.  See they know their way mostly fails people come back to smoking fairly quickly ensuring a constant supply of sin tax money.  Those groups are all addicted to that money.

I am Big Vapor Debora J.  I am an anecdote to public health.  I am a blocked nuisance a troll an addict to those who make their living from taxes--Tobacco Control. I am an annoyance to government because I am not being cowed by them.   I do not count to any of these groups.  My voice is not heard. I do not matter.

Yet perhaps to my family and my friends to the people who take a minute to hear me to read some of the links I post  those who see the differences in me  those I along with others try  to reach on social media twitter and facebook gplus and pinterest etc....

Maybe I do

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