Friday, March 20, 2015

Senator prove it!

I am NO longer a smoker.  That alone should be applauded by all of you in government who  told me for years what a horrible person I am because I smoked.  I was taxed by you at insane rates supposedly to help pay for extra healthcare costs but in reality have gone to fund those in tobacco control who were my tormentors the ones who denied me access to parks, zoos, the ones who shut me out of life by telling all over and over I was a smelly disgusting horrid person and invited all to come and freely torment me even  taught children it is ok to harass & bully people who smoke or choose to be different.

My sin  taxes -the ones that were supposed to go on my healthcare costs are used for so many things to prop up government spending is another example.  You sold your tobacco bonds expecting there to always be smokers plenty of us--and now there is trouble.  We quit.

But hey you have an ace!!  We did not quit the 'right way'  which as you know fails most of the time.  People are always quitting smoking but no worries they always come back---except this time.  Suddenly we really are quitting.  Thousands and thousands of us ARE quitting and the dual use ones the ones not quite ready ready to quit completely are slowing down so they also do not need to buy as many cigarettes.  I am sure panic ensued by the huge loss of revenues in "your" money--until someone remembered well yes these e-cigarettes are NOT regulated!!

Now every day the public hears new horror stories about vaping.  So many studies which are carefully manipulated to give bad results and hastily released to the public as media headlines the later retractions are a small easily missed squib several days later.  The studies showing how much safer vaping is, the ones showing no danger to bystanders the ones showing room air is about the same as just breathing --those are suppressed.  Real studies by respected scientists--not just "sponsored" by ones with an agenda are ignored.  The media is bought and paid for so they will only publish news that fits with  tobacco control's views since those are the ones that support increased  taxes and/or outright banning the most amazing invention of our time which can replace burning combustible cigarettes  for good.

So now you are all following the same mode and trying to do the same things you did to us as smokers--humiliate us, tell us we are no good addicts,  push us around and take our money saying its for our own good.  As before you are encourage others to berate us tell us we are no good vapors, addicts, nasty things now some are saying we should be all shot to death in front of our families it was  later passed off as a bad joke but it keeps coming back. Tobacco Control and you encourage that hostile  behavior.  You encourage it not telling facts about vaping-- honest verifiable facts instead you use conjecture, play on fears and plain lie.

It is true we vapors are not following the script you laid out for us before when we were smokers.  We refuse to be bullied anymore to be told to just die. We reject your taxes and controls on a product that causes no harm to anyone.  We are the ones who are using these we know the truth because we live it daily.  We are the ones who developed breathing problems from smoking cigarettes which are now so much better! We are also the ones who keep improving this product to make it eventually work for all smokers.  We have lived it we do know any burning combustible material IS the real problem as would anyone who has been near a fire.  We know nicotine is similar to caffeine both can be dangerous when used improperly yet can also be safe for adults even beneficial for many ailments such as Parkinson's or Dementia.  Dose makes the poison in all things even water.  We know vaping is improving our lung function--many of us (including me) no longer need to use inhalers.  We know nicotine is not really very addictive--I a former 42 year 2+ pack daily  smoker rarely use nicotine 2 years out.  We know vaping IS a life saver--real research the ones not using an agenda like forcing a product beyond its capabilities to do harm--is showing vaping is fairly safe.  This is not a gateway too smoking--another last ditch smear--it is a gateway OUT.  The flavors help tremendously also  to move people away and excuse me appealing to children?  Lots of things appeal to children--inducing fruity cleaning products--it is the adults responsibility to keep it away from them.  Also keeping their parents around having them vape instead is good for the kids. All of these very weak arguments prove how much better vaping IS  since none are truths just conjecture --to me it sounds like a 4 year old making up tales to cover misdeeds.  The real facts are what is needed.

We are not anti research but we are against self-serving lies as the ones told by tobacco control and certain public health officials who see their funding dry up because of vaping.  We are against self-serving lies told in government to protect their sin tax money.  We are against ALL who would rather have us smoke burning combustible cigarettes simply to protect their ideals and financing. We are people not anecdotes--- " regarded as unreliable or hearsay"--as some health groups enjoy calling us.  We are real living breathing people.We are growing in numbers.  We also have friends and family who see the difference in us!  Are they saying anecdotal stories about us when they talk about us to others telling them it worked for us? I know many who have quit or at least cut down smoking because of vaping.

One thing you senators, public health, tobacco control, governmental officials seem to forget--we may be smokers and former smokers who are now vapors--the ones you all feel entitled to disregard, humiliate and show utter complete contempt to because "you don't like vapors/smokers"   That is prejudice extreme unrelenting hostile nasty prejudice.  WE are people.  We have huge numbers of friends and family on our sides who are thrilled we are  vaping---  they love & care about us. They know you are in the wrong to deny citizens this life saving gift. The younger generation--ages 20- 35 are the ones who encouraged me to vape  they did their homework and hoped it would work for me. It did.

Prove harm first.  No more lies.  I want to see if any one in government is worth it anymore or are you all only able to follow the golden goose and lie instead of looking for hard facts oh and they are very easy to find you can start here:     harm reduction   or here:    casaa

Also perhaps it is time to take a good hard thoughtful look at tobacco control suppression of facts isn't good for the public and costs lives

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